Rock and Rail, LLC

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Rock and Rail, LLC has been operating for over a decade as the primary common carrier between Parkdale, Canon City and Pueblo, Colorado. Our long-haul interchange partners include the Union Pacific ("UP") and Burlington Northern/Santa Fe ("BNSF") railroads at Pueblo. Rock and Rail also holds a 50% share in all rail line through the Royal Gorge through Royal Gorge Express, LLC ("RGX").

Rock and Rail does much more than just aggregate hauling. We provide complete solutions in transportation, transloading, and storage. For administration and official business, please contact us.

Rock and Rail is a federally chartered short-line railroad that operates east and west between Pueblo and Parkdale, Colorado. Rock and Rail operates on both owned tracks and rights that have been purchased from the BNSF and UP railroads.

Rock and Rail also owns a 50% interest in the RGX, which purchased approximately 11.75 miles of track running through the Royal Gorge from Canon City west to Parkdale, Colorado from the UP in 1998. RGX's other 50% owner, the Canon City Royal Gorge Railroad ("CCRG"), operates a tourist passenger train running on the same track through the Royal Gorge.

Rock and Rail is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Martin Marietta Materials, Inc., a North Carolina company with its regional headquarters located in Colorado.